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By DDStudios News, Tips 95 comments 25/08/2012

Paper Mario 3DS: Role Playing Gameplay At Its Finest

Paper Mario 3DS: Role Playing Gameplay At Its Finest

mario starsThe latest and greatest thing for Paper Mario will have to be the visuals. Paper Mario takes full advantage of visuals in this game with Nintendo’s new system hardware. This will be the first time that Paper Mario will be available on a portable handheld system. But when exactly can we expect this game...

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New And Remastered Suits Are The Focus for Super Mario 3DS!

By DDStudios News, Tips 95 comments 25/07/2012
New And Remastered Suits Are The Focus for Super Mario 3DS!

suiteNintendo’s Yoshiaki Koizumi stated, “I can’t reveal the actual number of power-ups in the game right now,” said Koizumi, “but suffice to say that we do try to include enough so that people can enjoy a variety of different kinds of play experiences in the title.” Some hints already revealed are the famous Tanooki...

Nintendo has already shown the gaming world how good it is in modifying and remixing games like Super Mario. The platform of the Mario games is the same but they also get some elements from past games. All these elements from previous games are warped and modified into an exciting mix which makes the Mario game seem like new. The Mario Galaxy games are still considered as among the best games in this generation even if they use the same basic elements that have been used in even the first Mario games.

Super Mario 3DS, as the title of the new game suggests is somewhat similar to the N64 game, yet it has a lot to uncover during its 3DS launch. However, it was given a bigger chance to unfold itself to the developers of Nintendo and the press during the E3 demo. Like many other Mario games, it uses old elements that are already reworked to give these elements a new feel for the players. You can expect to see the 3D game in a different light and angle. It will totally seem like a brand new game. Download full Super Mario 3DS review »


Mario Kart 3DS: An Impressive Touch To New Vehicles And Courses!

By DDStudios News, Tips 95 comments 17/11/2011

Are you kidding me? Another classic Mario game taken to the next level! Nintendo once again impresses us with the Nintendo 3DS game selection thus far. Mario Kart has always been a classic game for any Nintendo console, but with the new installment of Mario Kart 3DS, it will have new vehicle features such...

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