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Nintendo has already shown the gaming world how good it is in modifying and remixing games like Super Mario. The platform of the Mario games is the same but they also get some elements from past games. All these elements from previous games are warped and modified into an exciting mix which makes the Mario game seem like new. The Mario Galaxy games are still considered as among the best games in this generation even if they use the same basic elements that have been used in even the first Mario games.

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Super Mario 3D, the tentative title of the new game, has yet a lot to uncover during its 3DS launch. However, it was given a bigger chance to unfold itself to the developers of Nintendo and the press during the E3 demo. Like many other Mario games, it uses old elements that are already reworked to give these elements a new feel for the players. You can expect to see the 3D game in a different light and angle. It will totally seem like a brand new game.

imageThe game treats the player by having a perspective from a fixed camera similar to what is used for the Galaxy games combined with the side-on view of the newer Super Mario Bros. and the game’s Wii sequel. Since the Galaxy team is the same one developing the Super Mario 3D, you can also expect a dynamic game. There are no long still moments in this one, just like how the team worked on the Galaxy games. Some parts of the game will let you play side-on while others will have Mario running straight for the screen using the Crash Bandicoot style. You can also see Mario passing through the Warp Pipe.

Another signature from the Galaxy team is the use and incorporation of novelty in the Super Mario 3D. During the E3 show though, no novelty was really shown. However, there was another demo conducted privately which showed the game having a top-down perspective for the player as an important tribute to the silver anniversary of the Legend of Zelda. This separate demo also showcased how a Flower Mario shoots fireballs into the four corners of a room to form a puzzle. This is the kind of creative spirit from the team that is very evident in the Mario Galaxy games. Even if the team now uses a tamer camera in the 3D Mario game, their creativity and fun spirit are still the same.

The Tanooki Suit no longer has wings though, but this is made up for by the addition of other familiar elements from previous Super Mario Bros. games which only trigger nostalgia among the diehard followers of the series. Nintendo always pay tribute too old Mario games, but they pay the least attention to Super Mario Bros. 3 game. Super Mario 3D now has the best elements which are considered as assets in previous Mario games. These are precious elements that are treasured and certainly remembered by the players, which put more pressure on the new Super Mario 3DS game. But considering the demo shown earlier, the game will likely not crack under pressure.


The Mario games are also well-accepted in the community of handheld players. The 3DS’ circle pad works perfectly well for Mario’s movements. It gives the players great control of the games and lives to its demands. Mario now has a strange combination of old and new movements. However, do not be surprised if you cannot find some of your favorite Mario movements and be prepared for the new additions.

The games are again a hybrid between the side-scrolling older games and the newer ones. For instance, Mario can now do a somersault when you let him run at full pelt. It is quite refreshing to see Mario do his happy tumble. You can use the B-button in the 2D game, which is found right beside the analog control. This can help Mario speed up his movement and make some long jumps too. Galaxy games now have a two-hit system that prepares to welcome the return to the games of Small Mario. Now that Mario is being groomed for a new game, the team is still somewhat faithful to his moves in the older 3D adventures. There are no triple jumps so Mario will fall below the ledge instead of successfully reaching and grabbing it.

However, the 3D screen has made it easier for you to control Mario’s leaps. You can now easily judge his movements so you can control your game better. However, this is not the only way that the Nintendo has taken advantage of the use of the handheld in running Mario. The Super Mario 3D is quite different from the rest in the way it exploits the hardware. For instance, the game has been added with Piranha Plants that are not found in previous games. These plants spit ink to the screen, making it appear like they are spitting at you instead. However, this is an exciting addition that only serves to add to the enthusiasm of the player.

The Mario games are also considered as among the best games in 3DS. The visual appeal of these games is brought about by the use of interesting pastels and primaries which look alive on screen. This is the same kind of appeal that is close to that of the Galaxy games’ use of traditional palette. Mario’s world really looks even more attractive now that it is in 3D. Moreover, Nintendo knows exactly how to take advantage of the 3D technology by paying more attention to the small details, such as letting the glittering coin trails stand out as your are guided to each level or showing the butterflies dancing among the grasses.

While Mario has remained a character in the game that received lots of attention, the E3 show floor also allows his partner, Luigi, shine in his own moment. The demo also showcased Luigi’s Mansion 2, one of the few games that were shown during E3. The Super Mario 3D game can surely give the players a familiar feeling while playing the game and provide them a warm welcome into it through the familiar old Mario elements. However, these elements are wrapped in a new package to give the players a new perspective about this new remix of the series. This is one of the secrets toward how Mario never gets old.


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